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Q: Is this Veterans Memorial for all Veterans?

A: YES...This Veterans Memorial is for ALL VETERANS no matter when they served peace time, war time, any era in the armed forces of the United States of America.

Q: Does a dedicated paver or dedicated bench have to be for someone from a specific state?

A: No, dedicated pavers or dedicated benches can be for any Veteran no matter where they are from or could be dedicate to all veterans

Q: Is the memorial site funded by tax dollars?

A: No, the funding is 100% from donations, purchases of pavers, benches, and monuments. All donations and money for purchases goes 100% towards the completion of the project. There are no paid employees, benefits, etc. to anyone.

Q: Will there be any fundraisers we can attend?

A: Yes, we are in the process of putting some together for this year. We will be posting them on our Facebook page for everyone to see!

Q: Are any of the Board Of Directors compensated in any way?

A: NO....they are totally volunteer.

Q: Dedicated Paver, can they be purchased for an individual only?

A: A dedicated paver is achieved with a $135.00 donation. They can be to honor all Veterans, an individual, a few on one paver,a specific armed forces division, battalion, company etc. To date we have had several pavers purchased from companies and individuals in honor of all Veterans, Thanking All Veterans as well as pavers for individuals.

Q: How long will dedicated pavers be available to purchase?

A: There is no time frame established and no limit on the amount of pavers the site can hold.

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